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COVID-19 Update

This is an update on the current guidelines for training in Wales.

Please remember that different guidelines still apply in England and Scotland.

  1. National teams - if any training is due to take place, an “intent to train” form must be filled in 7 days prior to the training so approval by the Executive can be given for the training to go ahead.

  2. Universities & Clubs – please complete an “intent to train” form 7 days prior to training commencing and return to

  3. The Team and Coach Guidelines must be followed at all times.

  4. The training register must be submitted with the attendees names who have attended each training session within 48 hours to Wales Lacrosse by email

  5. The temperature of each player will need to be taken But Not Recorded. If a player has temperature of over 37.5C, they should be told that they cannot participate at this time. Please be aware that many other factors could affect a person’s temperature so it may be prudent that if a high temperature is observed that the temperature of that person is taken again several minutes later before a final decision is made about participation.

  6. A person(s) must be nominated as the COVID Officer for each training session and should be responsible for making sure that all Wales Lacrosse guidelines are followed. They will have the final say on any COVID related issues. This person should be identifiable as the COVID Officer to all those taking part at each session.

The current guidance from the Welsh Government states the following:

Organised outdoor activities may recommence only if the following criteria are met in full:

a) The activity consists of no more than 30 people keeping 2m apart

b) The guidance is fully implemented by the National Governing Body (NGB)

c) The NGB provides an action plan for sport

d) The mitigations allow for the 2m physical distancing rules to be breached in the narrow circumstances required by each sport during competitive play, but only if the criteria are met.

Here is the link to the detailed Welsh Government Covid Guidelines

6. The above guidelines mean that the 2m rule can be breached for short periods of time for example in checking and defensive play. Please note that full take-outs in the men’s game are still not allowed.

7. Start of games - there will be NO “draw” or “face-off” in games. The game will start with possession by one team from the centre. This will then alternate each quarter. When a goal is scored the restart will follow Association Football rules.

It is highly unlikely that any further changes will be made to these guidelines by the Welsh Government in the foreseeable future. By being able to breach the 2m rule for short periods of time, training for both men and women should be able to resume with a degree of normality.

As always if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Chris Eastwood

Covid-19 Lead

COVID Update 30th August 2020
Download PDF • 479KB

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