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Wales Lacrosse pledges to promote inclusivity

Wales Lacrosse are proud to be supporting Pride month. This is an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the contributions of our LGBT+ peers, learn a little bit more about LGBT+ history, celebrate diversity, and consider the ways that we can contribute to creating a more inclusive environment within Wales Lacrosse and beyond.

We are pleased to announce our 3 priorities for Pride Month.

1. Visibility: Representation is key! Wales Lacrosse have a platform to celebrate and advance the diversity of our players, coaches, volunteers, and supporters. Across our social media channels we hear from the amazing LGBT people and allies involved in Wales Lacrosse.

2. Culture: We are pleased to announce that we are working with inclusion professionals to explore how we can ensure all Wales Lacrosse environments are inclusive for LGBT people. People perform best in environments where they can be themselves-- and of course we care about performance! Watch this space...

3. Governance: We will be reviewing our policies & structures in consultation with inclusion professionals to ensure lacrosse is accessible to all LGBT people in Wales. This will be an ongoing process and we are proud to have launched it this month.

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