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St Johns on the Hill win the Welsh National Primary School Pop Lacrosse Tournament

On Sunday 18th May 2019 the Welsh National Primary Schools Pop Lacrosse Tournament was held at Stanwell High School, Penarth. The 5-a-side annual tournament proved to be another exciting and competitive affair.

Participating Schools:

Evenlode Primary 'Swifts'

Evenlode Primary 'Swallows'

Cogan Primary “A”

Gladstone Primary

Sully Primary ‘Blues’

Sully Primary ‘Whites’

St. Johns on the Hill ‘Lions’

St. Johns on the Hill ‘Tigers’

With the support of families and friends, the teams produced some excellent lacrosse and a good time was had by all, with plenty of exciting games. St. Johns on the Hill 'Lions' and Sully Primary 'Blues' progressed to the semi finals only to miss out to St. Johns on the Hill 'Tigers' and Evenlode Primary 'Swifts'.

St. Johns on the Hill 'Tigers' were pushed all the way by a competitive the Evenlode Primary 'Swifts' (Holders), with St. Johns coming out the eventual winners and taking the 2019 title.

Congratulations to the St Johns on the Hill Tigers!!

W would like to take this opportunity to thank all the coaches and the umpires for their help and support during the event. We would also like to thank Tony Higginson for organising the tournament.

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