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Women's World Championship 2022 Training Squad

Wales Lacrosse is delighted to announce our Women’s World Championship 2022 Training Squad. Congratulations to all players on your selection, we are looking forward to watching you all grow in the next 9 months.

In every selection there is good and bad news for the individuals involved, we would like to thank those that are not named in the list, who have also worked hard and pushed the standards for everyone.

‘The entire coaching staff feel extremely honoured to be working with such an exceptional group of athletes.

We can’t wait to watch this Team earn their legacy. In anticipation of what’s to come, let’s go Wales!’ - Erica Erb, Wales Head Coach.

1. Sophie Allan

2. Rozy Baynham

3. Harriet Brooks

4. Sophy Coombes-Roberts

5. Alys Cowx

6. Eliza Dennis

7. Iona Dryden

8. Lucy Fowler

9. Ellie Gaastra

10. Elysia Garland

11. Serena Grace

12. Penny Green

13. Madison Jones

14. Ellie Jones

15. Hellie Kellett-Clarke

16. Ros Lloyd Rout

17. Harriet Mann

18. Amy Martin

19. Maeve McKenny

20. Sophie Morrill

21. Miranda Nicholes

22. Caity Patrick

23. Jocelyn Robinson

24. Loulou Rowlands

25. Anni Seaborne

26. Gaby Sims

27. Phoebe Smith

28. Laura Warren

29. Tegan Warren

30. Charlotte Williams

31. Izzy Zealley

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